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Supply & Demand + Eskimo Dance | BBK | JME | NEWHAM GENERALS | MAXSTA + MORE

New video from JD Sports and their brand new “streetwear” label Supply & Demand! Supply & Demand find out what Eskimo Dance is all about with Logan Sama, JME, Ghetts, Maxsta & more..


Cobb & Co Watches

When you think of Cobb you immediately think of corn, you do, don’t deny it, I did too! Well that’s all about to change. Enter Cobb and Co watches; the new luxury brand from down under making a splash in the UK market. Not only are they very pretty in looks, but the trim and…

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[ VIDEO ] Kanye West Gets Knocked Down, Repeatedly!

Kanye West has been flocking around the media a lot recently, with his “Visionary Streams Of Consciousness”. Thats what he classes his moaning and ranting as. New York’s radio station Power 105 is a follow on from the full Zane Lowe episodes shot earlier in the year. Charmlamagne The God hands the questions to Kanye…

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The Secret Meeting That Changed Rap & Destroyed Generations

Noisey¬†just ran an interview with “Freeway”, a man who claims to be the¬†original Rick Ross, it’s a great read for lots of reasons, but it also touches on an anonymous email that rap journalists and bloggers received last year, which we’ve put right here: Hello, After more than 20 years, I’ve finally decided to tell…

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Futuristic London Airport On The River Thames

Concepts have been revealed from TESTRAD about a futuristic airport which would be based on the London, River Thames. This design has been known under the name of “London Britannia Airport”. A concept to roll out or to keep in the filing cabinet?

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