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Floating Puzzle Cars | Chris Labrooy

Auto Aerobics sounds slightly better than Floating Puzzle Cars right? Well thats the title of UK based Chris Labrooy’s digital car sculptures. His project feature a host of cars interlinked and manipulated to create a mind puzzle. He gained his inspiration from wintry walks in Brooklyn i believe. Playful and mesmerising – you still think…

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Money Is Material

Artist <a title=”Mark Wagner Inc.” href=”” target=”_blank”>Mark Wagner</a>’s brings destruction to the dollar bill only to create one of a kind collage pieces that depict the issues that surround money such as distribution of wealth, capitalism and the American identity, titled “Money is Material”. The intricate detail of every piece is mind blowing and each…

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Dre’s Beats Brings Us Wireless

Dre’s Beats have been a sensation since their release in 2008. Recently, I was walking around the airport in Zurich, Switzerland and saw a gentleman around the age of 65 catching up on ’60 Minutes’ with a pair of Studio Beats. I wondered if he actually knew who Dr. Dre was. But that is beside…

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Apple Couture

Woah, hold your horses. What with world domination of the consumer electronics sector pretty much bagged with a pretty and colourful bow, it is reckoned that its only a matter of time until Apple, maker of ‘couture computers’ makes the small step and giant leap into the world of luxury apparel and accessories Scott Galloway,…

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Intense Self-Guided Wingsuit Video Will Awh

The founder of Tigers Blood Parachute Services, Scotty Bob uploaded this video to YouTube of his first person view of him swooping through the canyons of the Utah valley. Sliding passed gigantic rocks and trees, this trip would make any normal individual piss their pants. The possibilities of these self guided wings would be Buzz…

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