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Discarded Guitars Create A Fantastic Set Of Headphones

Materials in this day and age don’t get used to their full effect. Designer Carina Ostermayer developed a set of headphones under the name of “Guitar Ear-O” which takes advantage of scrap material. Will innovation ever die out..

Volcom The Making Of True To This

The SS14 season is near and Volcom has released its behind the scenes footage for the making of “True To This”. The 3 videos showcase great skate, surf and snow footage across the globe with key icons in the industry. We wish we had their lives..

Pierre Edouard Ferry and Thomas Genon - Lifestyle

Are Fist Bumps Good For Us?

It all started in the 1970s (we think), when NBA Baltimore Bullets guard Fred Carter balled up his fist and bumped it against a teammate’s closed fist. Or maybe it was the Wonder Twins, who kissed fists and shouted “Wonder Twin powers, activate!” Soon, athletes and bros alike adopted the fist bump as the preferred greeting. In 2008, it…

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Nike LunarENDOR Quickstrike Snowboard Boots

Nike’s up it’s game in the snow sport industry. The newly released Nike LunarENDOR QS Boots are impressive, these LED packed stunners will put your audience in a state of hypnosis. The iconic Swoosh is lit by 30 LED attached to a small lithium ion battery within the sole. If you dont want to be…

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Dre’s Beats Brings Us Wireless

Dre’s Beats have been a sensation since their release in 2008. Recently, I was walking around the airport in Zurich, Switzerland and saw a gentleman around the age of 65 catching up on ’60 Minutes’ with a pair of Studio Beats. I wondered if he actually knew who Dr. Dre was. But that is beside…

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