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NASS Festival – First Acts For 2014 Line Up

The South West based NASS Festival today releases the first acts for its 2014 line up…

NASS has been let out of its cage with a new look and plans for 2014’s action packed weekend of world-class music, skate and BMX.

  • First Acts Announced: CYPRESS HILL, NOISIA, NETSKY LIVE and MORE!
  • Sport Confirmed: International Skate, BMX and Inline
  • Tier 1 Tickets On Sale at

Exploding on to the Bath and West Showground 11th-13th July, NASS returns for another weekend with over 15,000 lovers of music and action sports.

2014’s three day festival boasts massive music acts, the best in international BMX, skate and inline competitions, live graffiti, street art, break dancing and rave mischief that could only take place in the massive warehouses unmistakable to NASS. Announced so far…

Headlining one night with their only show in the UK in 2014 are Hip-hop legends CYPRESS HILL. Reunited for the first time since 2004 their performance at NASS will be a UK festival exclusive!

D+B superstar NETSKY also takes to the NASS Main Stage with NETSKY LIVE, his internationally acclaimed show including his biggest hits with a full live band.   

NOISIA, the Dutch drum n’ bass pioneers, will be at hand with their pounding basslines alongside Radio 1 and 1Xtra phenomena MISTAJAM and 2013 MOBO Award winning rappers, KREPT & KONAN.

Recognised as one of the ‘Best garage’ DJs, DJ EZ will blast his love for the best new and old school Garage beats. Dance-floor drum n’ bass outfit BLACK SUN EMPIRE and Bristol-based DJ and producer TC take residence in ‘The Warehouse’ indoor arena for the late night sessions.

Other acts confirmed to appear over the weekend include DJs HANNAH WANTS, MY NU LENG and NICKY BLACKMARKET.

With these acts confirmed and so many more to follow this is one of the most anticipated stage line-ups in NASS history. Returning to NASS 2014 is the Rock Stage after a year away, hold tight for the lineup and more information coming soon.

Tier 1 tickets are available to buy at: Weekend camping passes start from £89

Fashion & Fine Art | Miss Aniela

London bred photographer Miss Aniela (Natalie Dybisz) has a wide collection of photographs to present a collaboration of fashion and fine art.

Each shot has its own narrative, rich with surreal qualities that allow every element of the image to complement one another. From the model and fashion design to the architecture and props, Miss Aniela is conscious of it all.











Be sure to check out the gallery above and the in depth interview.

Are Fist Bumps Good For Us?

It all started in the 1970s (we think), when NBA Baltimore Bullets guard Fred Carter balled up his fist and bumped it against a teammate’s closed fist. Or maybe it was the Wonder Twins, who kissed fists and shouted “Wonder Twin powers, activate!” Soon, athletes and bros alike adopted the fist bump as the preferred greeting. In 2008, it received new prominence when Barack Obama and his wife fist-bumped as he accepted the Democratic presidential nomination. The Washington Post called it “the fist bump heard ’round the world.”

No matter the origin, fist bumps might actually be good for our health. A recent study finds that bumping fists rather than shaking hands in hospitals reduces the spread of bacteria.

Researchers, led by plastic surgeon Tom McClellan, asked people who had washed hands to either shake hands or bump fists. After the contact, the researchers took swabs of the subjects’ hands and cultured the samples to see how much bacteria were thriving on the hands. After 20 handshakes, people had more bacteria populating their hands than those who fist-bumped 20 times. A shake exposed three times as much skin as a bump and lasted 2.7 times longer.

“[Bumping] may lead to decreased transmission of bacteria and improved health and safety of patients and healthcare workers alike,” McClellan and his colleagues wrote in their paper in the Journal of Hospital Infection.

People spread germs via handshake because they fail to clean their hands properly. According to a study in The Journal of Environmental Health, only 5 percent of people wash their hands for 15 seconds or longer. But 15 seconds is not enough—the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that people wash their hands for 20 seconds to reduce the spread of illness. This improper handwashing means that 80 percent of people carry germs on their hands. When one improperly cleaned hand grasps another in a welcoming handshake, the two swap germs that can cause everything from a cold to MRSA to pneumonia to E. coli. While McClellan’s study focused solely on bacteria, he plans on investigating how fist bumps can impact the spread of viruses.


If you’re doing it like this, you’re doing it wrong! stop!

Mental Floss

Agenda Show Founder Aaron Levant On Why You Should Break The Rules

Aaron Levant, founder of the streetwear/urban show Agenda based in the states, proves a point that being a successful entrepreneur doesn’t require an Masters degree.

In January 2003, at age 19, Aaron started a Los Angeles-based tradeshow for streetwear and action sports apparel which goes by the name of Agenda, holding the first event in a Thai restaurant back in the day – the only place he could find for a day rental. This low-budget affair, nonetheless, drew 33 brands that signed on at $500 apiece to have their merchandise wheeled in on racks.

Fast forward 10 years, and Agenda has grown into one of the biggest sports and streetwear tradeshows in the United States with two shows a year at key venues in Long Beach, California (opening today) and New York City in two weeks, along with a new one to launch in Las Vegas in mid February. Last January, Agenda announced a partnership with tradeshow giant Reed Exhibitions.

So how did Mr Levant do it? Find the full interview over on Upstart.

Floating Puzzle Cars | Chris Labrooy

Auto Aerobics sounds slightly better than Floating Puzzle Cars right? Well thats the title of UK based Chris Labrooy’s digital car sculptures. His project feature a host of cars interlinked and manipulated to create a mind puzzle. He gained his inspiration from wintry walks in Brooklyn i believe.

Playful and mesmerising – you still think they are real dont you..