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Futuristic London Airport On The River Thames

Concepts have been revealed from TESTRAD about a futuristic airport which would be based on the London, River Thames. This design has been known under the name of “London Britannia Airport”. A concept to roll out or to keep in the filing cabinet?

Floating Puzzle Cars | Chris Labrooy

Auto Aerobics sounds slightly better than Floating Puzzle Cars right? Well thats the title of UK based Chris Labrooy’s digital car sculptures. His project feature a host of cars interlinked and manipulated to create a mind puzzle. He gained his inspiration from wintry walks in Brooklyn i believe. Playful and mesmerising – you still think…

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City Thrill Seekers

Tom Ryaboi has been around for a while now and still to this date scales his way to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, continuing to add to the Roof Topping Series. With gnarly extreme views from above the Canadian photographer certainly doesn’t have vertigo.


Prints and the pauper

Seriously cool prints at bank balance massaging prices? Where do I sign? Trends come and go, but Cuckoos Nest seem to be staying put and gladly so. Vivid bird prints through to scenic emotive apparel bearing a slight resemblance to something you’d find on the front of an Ian Mckewan novel with a tantalising plot…

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A Hong Kong/Moet & Chandon Yacht Experience

“Jungle Jane” is her name and I wouldn’t mine taking her for a jaunt. Yacht “Jungle Jane” is the collaboration of Hong Kong Yachting and Moet and Chandon that offers a tour of Hong Kong’s Skyline that would make even the richest self-made billionaire pinch themselves. The luxury expedition is a promotion for Chandon’s exquisite…

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