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Adian Coker, the man on the move!

Adian Coker is the man on the move, we have the feeling 2014 will be a kind and gracious year for the talented man.

The last track ‘Suicide Drive’ was mind blowing from a lyrical and creative point of view. As the lyrical genius that he is, keeping the public outside and never giving away a free preview of the inside. Adian might just be the solution to an industry choke hold at the moment.

His “Young World” mixtape is here to download, its a great listen!


Adian Coker drops Vitriol + Mixtape Artwork

Adian Coker has been trailblazing a path since the release of his track ‘Cream’ early this year, attracting heavyweight plaudits on both sides of the Atlantic.

Combining a self-produced, intricate and layered piano instrumental laced with Adian’s trademark languid, conscious raps, ‘Vitriol’ is the latest release before his mixtape ‘Young World’ drops November 11th.