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Cobb & Co Watches

When you think of Cobb you immediately think of corn, you do, don’t deny it, I did too! Well that’s all about to change.

Enter Cobb and Co watches; the new luxury brand from down under making a splash in the UK market. Not only are they very pretty in looks, but the trim and detailing comes as a total and added surprise.

Green and red Sandalwood, ebony, and maple woods combined with high grade leather and steel, whilst ensuring that only natural wood is used ensures that each watch is unique, with its own impressive wood grain. Your own fashion fingerprint.

Not only does the mixed media offer a fresh take on classic watch manufacturing, they don’t break the bank either. Retailing at £120-180, these pieces return nicely on your investment whilst hitting the younger affluent marketplace who’s seeking style and newness.

What With the new trend of sustainable fashion Cobb and Co are driving nicely in the right direction.