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Prints and the pauper

Seriously cool prints at bank balance massaging prices? Where do I sign? Trends come and go, but Cuckoos Nest seem to be staying put and gladly so. Vivid bird prints through to scenic emotive apparel bearing a slight resemblance to something you’d find on the front of an Ian Mckewan novel with a tantalising plot in tow, CNC have been driving their wild exercises of design for a few seasons now, making headway with some of the retailing heavyweights and gaining an enviable following. Not to miss are their raglan sweaters, the plume pocket Murdoch becoming a firm favourite of this writer, whilst the Safari Murdoch points back to a vintage colonial pov, whilst satirically pointing out that their design team ‘managed to fit the entire vibe of a safari onto a swear – minus the guns, the poaching, the tribesman, the Range Rovers, the destructive footprint of man damnit!!!!’ well, here’s waiting for next seasons offering.