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Fashion & Fine Art | Miss Aniela

London bred photographer Miss Aniela (Natalie Dybisz) has a wide collection of photographs to present a collaboration of fashion and fine art.

Each shot has its own narrative, rich with surreal qualities that allow every element of the image to complement one another. From the model and fashion design to the architecture and props, Miss Aniela is conscious of it all.











Be sure to check out the gallery above and the in depth interview.

Apple Couture

Woah, hold your horses. What with world domination of the consumer electronics sector pretty much bagged with a pretty and colourful bow, it is reckoned that its only a matter of time until Apple, maker of ‘couture computers’ makes the small step and giant leap into the world of luxury apparel and accessories Scott Galloway, founder of L2, said during the digital thing tank’s Ted Talk style conference in NYC last week.

Expecting Apple to expand into product categories such as apparel, handbags, jewellery, watches and even luggage, the clinical professor of marketing at the NYU Stern School of Business is strongly linking the reason behind the recent press release regarding the high profile move of Angela Ahrendts, formerly CEO of Burberry and her move to Senior Vice President of Retail and e-commerce last month, as a ‘giant head fake’ he told Forbes.

Despite Apple saying differently Galloway maintains that ‘There’s abosultely no way a women running the most iconic brand in fashion is going to leave {Burberry, simply] to run Apple’s stores. Ahrendts Burberry direction was, in a nutshell, a huge success making $26m with the fashion house tripling revenues after undergoing a massive brand revival.

When Apple started prowling, Galloway insists “my guess is that the following conversation happened: ‘We’re planning on being the most formidable prestige brand, and we want you to lead that effort,’” which, suitably differs from “the ‘come run our stores’ conversation doesn’t get a second call.” he added.

That Apple want to continue their global domination makes perfect sense and with Ahrendts on board alongside former Yves St. Laurent CEO Paul Deneve as Vice President working on unnamed ‘special projects’ prestige fashion brands should watch this space with baited breath as to the next step of application and fusing of fashion and technology.

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Solent Fashion Soldiers

You would think that trawling the streets at 9am on a Sunday morning, you’d be unable to find anybody with an interesting street style. With Southampton, that is not the case. With an array of Sotonians on the streets, finding people with an interesting street style was relatively easy. People use their clothing to tell a story to the world: their class, age, personality and interests all stem from the style of clothing that they wear. Here, 4 girls tell us what their shopping habits and street style inspiration are, as well as their favourite stores. Listen up ladies, you might get some info on where to look next for your newest, hottest, winter piece.


Jess, 18, Student

Where do you most frequently shop?

Primark, River Island and H&M

Do you prefer the high street or vintage/designer clothes?

High street. Designer labels aren’t worth the price you pay for them.

Where was your last item of clothing bought from?

This denim jacket from Primark

What would you describe your style as in 3 words?

Girly, practical, comfortable

Is anyone a huge fashion inspiration to you?

Mainly mainstream celebrities such as Katy Perry and Eva Longoria


Louise, 18, Student

Where do you most frequently shop?

H&M, Topshop and New Look

Do you prefer the high street or vintage/designer clothes?

High Street. It’s just easier

Where was your last item of clothing bought from?

A midi skirt from Topshop

What would you describe your style as in 3 words?

Girly, normal, laid back

Is anyone a huge fashion inspiration to you?

Rochelle Humes. I love her style


Cara, 19, Student

Where do you most frequently shop?

Topshop, River Island and Primark

Do you prefer the high street or vintage/designer clothes?

High Street but I do occasionally buy from vintage boutiques

Where was your last item of clothing bought from?

A coat from New Look

What would you describe your style as in 3 words?

Casual, stylish and affordable

Is anyone a huge fashion inspiration to you?

Kate Moss. I take a lot of inspiration for my going out outfits from her


Natalia, 19, Student

Where do you most frequently shop?

River Island, Topshop, ASOS

Do you prefer the high street or vintage/designer clothes?

High Street

Where was your last item of clothing bought from?

Shoes in River Island

What would you describe your style as in 3 words?

Quirky, girly, practical

Is anyone a huge fashion inspiration to you?

Not really. I look at magazines for a bit of inspiration but I mainly like to follow my own style.


So there you have it girls! Hit the high streets ASAP. Get your winter wardrobe decked out and own that pavement like you’re walking Dior’s S/S ’14 show.

Metrosexual: How far is too far?

They’re coming. An army of preened, perfect, hair-gelled soldiers. They are: the metrosexual.

Come on boys, admit it. You’re turning into one of them. It’s happening slowly. Slow enough that you’re not able to notice it, but quick enough for your girlfriends, sisters, even mums, to notice. A bottle of extra firm hold hairspray here. A tube of Dove’s moisturiser there. You are slowly adding to the ever-expanding male aimed beauty scene, as boys continue to take more time attending to their appearance.

Studies show that men are spending a marginal 19p less than women on beauty products every month. Before you know it you’ll be buying “guyliner” and “male UGG boots.” Face it lads, it’s not a good look. You’ll end up looking like Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy.

I’m not saying that you can’t take care of your appearance boys, but face it, you don’t need to be putting concealer and foundation on. A girl wants her man to look rough, ready and manly (courtesy of my flatmates opinions). They don’t want a fake-tanned, hair-removal-creamed, eyebrow-plucked little boy.


Your clothes also reflect this femininity guys! Unless you are Marc Jacobs, it is very unlikely that you can pull off ‘meggings’ (male leggings). He can wear a skirt at the Met Ball and look stylish ‘cos lets face it, he’s the Artistic Director for Louis Vuitton for gods sake! You go out wearing a skirt and you’re going to look like a Scottish wedding reject. An occasional statement piece is acceptable. Personally I have been known to wear meggings, but I’m of the homosexual tendency and can sort of make it acceptable (completely adhering to stereotypes here).

So boys, let’s look at levels of the metrosexual and what you can do to make sure you don’t go full blown Rylan Clark. Style your hair, that’s fine. But when you start using more products in it than your girlfriends, and let’s face it, they need more, it’s becoming an issue. Make-up: personally I’m not a fan of the make-up-wearing male, but if you are going to do it, keep it minimal. A little bit of concealer to cover up those blemishes should be all it takes. Clothes: keep statement pieces like male skirts or leggings to a minimum. Look at GQ Style if you want to take some inspiration as to what key pieces this season are offering for you fashion conscious men out there. Over and Out boys. Speak soon.

Dockers X Alpha Collection

Dockers new Alpha Khaki rings of similar tones of a new film which features Steve Coogan as the unlikely hero.

With the colour scheme spot on and the drive to modernise an otherwise American standard fit casualwear brand with hints of youthful twists it falls short in a meagre way, in an ill fitting way.

Their skinny fit isn’t skinny enough whilst the original slim is way off the mark with a loose fitting crotch which cheers for yester years working out on the beaten track. I touched on the colour scheme, dashes of Toucan yellow, Riviera Blue and Water Wheel blue which actually is in fact green offers a colour scheme slightly past the Putney Brigade bright trousers of last year, however soft and warming the cotton weft is.
Whilst Dockers cry out that the ‘Alpha’ being ‘where jeans end and khakis begin’ I feel that they have fallen slightly short of their own aspirations, worryingly enough the PR event was holed up in trendy East London, which in all brutal honesty did not fit their style. Or maybe it was, maybe this is just the beginning of the cool and quirky khaki and I am totally full of hot air, because in the Alpha Dockers define their product as the ‘first of a new generation of khakis for the next generation of man’. Perhaps I am just in denial of this colourful khaki based puberty which Dockers are forecasting to sweep up men across east London and be the leg warmer of choice for the neo cool. Or perhaps they just haven’t quite grasped their own identity just yet.