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A Hong Kong/Moet & Chandon Yacht Experience

“Jungle Jane” is her name and I wouldn’t mine taking her for a jaunt.

Yacht “Jungle Jane” is the collaboration of Hong Kong Yachting and Moet and Chandon that offers a tour of Hong Kong’s Skyline that would make even the richest self-made billionaire pinch themselves. The luxury expedition is a promotion for Chandon’s exquisite Ice Imperial Champagne, which apparently is so good, it will shake the ground below shake once it has struck the lips. (That is not actually a money back guarantee, and the people drinking this probably don’t need money back anyway.)

The seventy five foot yacht accommodates up to 40 guests, with a staff on hand and 12 bottles of Ice Imperial ready for consumption at a price of $2,600. Not to mention the full bar, the independent floating lounge, a slide and an audio system to insure that the party doesn’t vacate.

The good life. (And a sigh of relief.)