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Dockers X Alpha Collection

Dockers new Alpha Khaki rings of similar tones of a new film which features Steve Coogan as the unlikely hero.

With the colour scheme spot on and the drive to modernise an otherwise American standard fit casualwear brand with hints of youthful twists it falls short in a meagre way, in an ill fitting way.

Their skinny fit isn’t skinny enough whilst the original slim is way off the mark with a loose fitting crotch which cheers for yester years working out on the beaten track. I touched on the colour scheme, dashes of Toucan yellow, Riviera Blue and Water Wheel blue which actually is in fact green offers a colour scheme slightly past the Putney Brigade bright trousers of last year, however soft and warming the cotton weft is.
Whilst Dockers cry out that the ‘Alpha’ being ‘where jeans end and khakis begin’ I feel that they have fallen slightly short of their own aspirations, worryingly enough the PR event was holed up in trendy East London, which in all brutal honesty did not fit their style. Or maybe it was, maybe this is just the beginning of the cool and quirky khaki and I am totally full of hot air, because in the Alpha Dockers define their product as the ‘first of a new generation of khakis for the next generation of man’. Perhaps I am just in denial of this colourful khaki based puberty which Dockers are forecasting to sweep up men across east London and be the leg warmer of choice for the neo cool. Or perhaps they just haven’t quite grasped their own identity just yet.