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Tie Rack gets itself into a knot

Tie Rack are in a pickle. Not the type you see festering in jars behind the till in the Dog and Duck, but an actual pickle, ie – their future is under threat.

Loved by the older generation and grandma’s for their wide necked ties and Christmas festive jingles, Tie Rack are another of the companies out there who have opted to out-date themselves by not moving with the times, simply put – you could see it coming a few dozen miles off.

Whilst they sell staples, the ties, socks, cufflinks, socks etc, etc, stocking fillers, etc, there isn’t really an option for their business to thrive in a place where Topman can bring out a skinny tie in a vast amount of colours and patterns, whilst HM sell socks by the sack full at £9.99 for four pairs – the market is well and truly tied (geddit!)

The large knotted tie has died, whilst their blue shadow plain crinkle scarf looks like its suffering from identity crisis; the cufflinks are bland and still awkwardly childish whist the men’s ‘hanky’ pattern is just plain confusing. With retailers out there who can offer substantially better designed products at a cheaper rate, its no wonder that the retailer is ringing its own neck.