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Mac Daddy – Stutterheim Raincoats

Hailing from Stockholm come Stutterheim in all their raining glory. A family affair which Alexander recounts the story of his Granddad the poet and stage manager who coupled this with a second life – that of a sea fisherman, defying the worst weather, the heaviest rains and the loudest of thunderstorms.

So it is no surprise that when Alexander discovered his old raincoat in an abandoned barn and the nostalgia set in – instantly wanting to wear his rain coat which was both stunningly cool and practical (big as a tent, Alex admits) he set about creating an updated and contemporary version based on his imagination whilst paying homage to his granddad and the quest for life.

As the saying goes – every fairytale needs a good old fashioned villain and in this case it might be your bank manager. At nearly £200 for the most basic raincoat it’s a little dear, however the knowledge of the story, the Scandinavian manufacturing and that Stutterheim will be for sure a love affair with nature for years to come, you can tell your bank manager who the real Mac Daddy is.