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Benjamin is a true ‘bionic man’. You won’t find him without some sort of wire dangling from his ear, a white glow illuminating his face, or his eyes staring into one of several black mirrors. Evidence of this can be further seen in his uncanny ability to be reachable at all times, and constantly working at a near machine-like regularity.

With his experience lying across many fields, from merchandising to social media (some have been known to call him a ‘Twizard’), Benjamin has built several discussion platforms and well renown brands from the ground up, including Soundophiles, WhiteBoyDrama and RantDaily. Expect wise words and a toothy grin if you should ever gross his path.

Benjamin’s Skills

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[skill_bar percentage=”82″ title=”Digital Marketing”]

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Jonathan is a lively so and so. Often found deliberating over the combination of shoes and socks or neither at all.

Jonathan made a name for himself as a chronic motormouth; upon completion of his English with Creative writing degree he took time to work in publishing, project management and fashion.

An Experienced business development manager, you’ll remember him when you’ve met him – although to get a word in on the conversation you might have to go for his shins in the process.

Expect to find him cutting out pictures from old magazines and winding up the stereo to the same song as twelve times previous.

Jonathan’s Skills

[skill_bar percentage=”90″ title=”Account Management”]
[skill_bar percentage=”80″ title=”Journalism”]
[skill_bar percentage=”70″ title=”Guerilla Marketing”]

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Here’s few Famous clients we’ve worked with so far

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At WAJJ, we pride ourselves on working with the most cutting edge and diverse people in the fashion, clothing and lifestyle industries. We don’t want to be stuck in the same jar as everyone else. We want to do things differently, just like our clients.


Lifting The Lid On Brands