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McQueen is King

I’m going back in the fashion calendar to January, where designers debuted the Menswear Autumn/Winter ’13-14 collections. Now, we’re starting the season that the fashion world have already set out trends for; so I’m going to remind you of them. That way there is no excuse for you to not be clued up on what’s hot, and what is definitely not, this season.


Across all four fashion weeks, it was obvious to see that mono tones are a huge trend for men this season.


Alexander Wang had some sharp tailored suits in black and grey geometric print, whereas Vuitton paired their tailoring with dense black parkas, an obvious recurring trend of the season. Coats should finalise your look.

Interestingly, Louis Vuitton also brought in a mix of navy and burgundy to their collection, setting a bleak, dark colour palette for the season.

Balenciaga’s collection was very defined, with the clothes being block mono coloured, and frequently pairing white trousers with black jumpers and jackets, and vice versa. From all houses, this season is sharp, edgy and tailored.

But the house that stood out the most this season was Alexander McQueen. Their collection enveloped everything from the other houses, but stood out with a striking twist of electric red. Trousers, jackets, jumpers. A statement red piece was paired with smart tailoring to give a mono look a bold new feel.

Boys, hit the high street to try and replicate the style. By now the trends have trickled down and River Island and Topman have started to feature these trends in their winter collection. Hurry lads, before I buy everything…


tux jeans coat


A coat is not a purchase; it is an investment

As the winter months draw near to the little, bad-weather ridden island that is the UK, I found myself in the predicament that I did not pack a coat for university. now, coats are not something that should be bought and worn twice when you decide to actually emerge from the house in these arctic temperatures; bit of an exaggeration I know but have you felt the temperature recently?!

So hear my word of warning: do not buy a cheap coat. It will break and you will be cold. A coat should be something you want to wrap around yourself in the winter months because it looks and feels good. A coat should compliment and add to every outfit you wear this season. A coat should allow you to feel confident enough to step out into the cold and think that you look stylish and, above all, warm.

I spent £90 on this wool coat from Topman because a good coat is an investment, it will last for a while. I’m not a huge fan of shopping on the high street any more because I don’t like the idea of everyone owning the same clothes as me, but when I wandered into there with a friend, I literally could not resist.

So whenever someone is trying to talk you out of buying a new coat, do not let them. Think to yourself, “I will be warm this season. it is an investment.” because let’s face it, you’re going to buy the damn coat anyway.

I’m walking on sunshine

Unfortunately Katrina (and the Waves, sorry guys) I don’t mean literally. but walking in my new Nike Air Force, I’m pretty sure is the equivalent of walking on a cloud. The comfort of these shoes makes good street style an effortless task, and the walk to university a delight. I’m telling you kids, they were worth the £65. pretty cheap for Nikes eh?!

The whole “Air Max” trend is getting a little tired now. Every man, woman and baby seem to have them on so I decided to go for something a little different. although, Air Forces are becoming more and more popular.

If you’re aiming for the retro sport style boys, try Nikes. If you’re not a fan, try Puma Suedes or Adidas trainers. A cheaper and equally stylish look!