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Adian Coker, the man on the move!

Adian Coker is the man on the move, we have the feeling 2014 will be a kind and gracious year for the talented man.

The last track ‘Suicide Drive’ was mind blowing from a lyrical and creative point of view. As the lyrical genius that he is, keeping the public outside and never giving away a free preview of the inside. Adian might just be the solution to an industry choke hold at the moment.

His “Young World” mixtape is here to download, its a great listen!


Inspirational Self Taken Photos

I came across the 17 year old Alex Stoddard the other day and well Alex only being 17 kind of takes me back to when i was doing magazine shoots for publications at 16-17. He captures himself in photographs very well and must take a while to prepare everything from the scene he wants to capture, clothing, lighting, which lens to use etc.

His unique photos are eye capturing and diverse. His passion leaks from his photos and pulls you into the scene nearly.

Good luck with the 365 project (1 photo taken everyday) check out more of Alex’s incredible photos.