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Apple Couture

Woah, hold your horses. What with world domination of the consumer electronics sector pretty much bagged with a pretty and colourful bow, it is reckoned that its only a matter of time until Apple, maker of ‘couture computers’ makes the small step and giant leap into the world of luxury apparel and accessories Scott Galloway, founder of L2, said during the digital thing tank’s Ted Talk style conference in NYC last week.

Expecting Apple to expand into product categories such as apparel, handbags, jewellery, watches and even luggage, the clinical professor of marketing at the NYU Stern School of Business is strongly linking the reason behind the recent press release regarding the high profile move of Angela Ahrendts, formerly CEO of Burberry and her move to Senior Vice President of Retail and e-commerce last month, as a ‘giant head fake’ he told Forbes.

Despite Apple saying differently Galloway maintains that ‘There’s abosultely no way a women running the most iconic brand in fashion is going to leave {Burberry, simply] to run Apple’s stores. Ahrendts Burberry direction was, in a nutshell, a huge success making $26m with the fashion house tripling revenues after undergoing a massive brand revival.

When Apple started prowling, Galloway insists “my guess is that the following conversation happened: ‘We’re planning on being the most formidable prestige brand, and we want you to lead that effort,’” which, suitably differs from “the ‘come run our stores’ conversation doesn’t get a second call.” he added.

That Apple want to continue their global domination makes perfect sense and with Ahrendts on board alongside former Yves St. Laurent CEO Paul Deneve as Vice President working on unnamed ‘special projects’ prestige fashion brands should watch this space with baited breath as to the next step of application and fusing of fashion and technology.

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Twinsets Appeal

Oh no, they’re at it again. Those Olsen twins not just content on the incredulous amount of inches they get from the Daily Mail (amongst others), they have now thought that they have something to give back to the fashion community recently purchasing a minority stake in e-commerce brand Beachmint.com The pretty creatures will now serve as co-chairs of the BeachMint advisory board taking on both creative and consultative roles. Of course they will, what with their penchant for matchy-matchy and lots of denim, please do look out for some sort of twinset-dungarees number to follow swiftly.

Prints and the pauper

Seriously cool prints at bank balance massaging prices? Where do I sign? Trends come and go, but Cuckoos Nest seem to be staying put and gladly so. Vivid bird prints through to scenic emotive apparel bearing a slight resemblance to something you’d find on the front of an Ian Mckewan novel with a tantalising plot in tow, CNC have been driving their wild exercises of design for a few seasons now, making headway with some of the retailing heavyweights and gaining an enviable following. Not to miss are their raglan sweaters, the plume pocket Murdoch becoming a firm favourite of this writer, whilst the Safari Murdoch points back to a vintage colonial pov, whilst satirically pointing out that their design team ‘managed to fit the entire vibe of a safari onto a swear – minus the guns, the poaching, the tribesman, the Range Rovers, the destructive footprint of man damnit!!!!’ well, here’s waiting for next seasons offering.

AeroTherm – Material Spotlight

90% of AeroTherm is air.. Yes 90% is air!! Aerogel is one if not the best insulator with the lowest thermal conductivity of any solid material. With its boasting facts of this material is strong, durable and flexible in many ways but is 4-6 times effective than other thermal insulation on the shelves.

AeroTherm is one of the most cutting edge advances in green nanotechnology providing thermal insulation that can be applied to everyday products / clothing / structures. The unique properties in Aerogel allow AeroTherm to protect from extreme hot and cold conditions.

Watch the market soon to see which company will be the first to get AeroTherm all stuffed down your jackets.